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We are so grateful to you for your support! To ensure that your information is secure you will be asked to register via our giving portal. This extra layer of security is to make sure that your information will never be distributed or shared, and that you are the only person with access to our finical information. 

 How will we honor your gift?



Each and every dollar will help us save this building and turn into the space that we envision. We will honor and celebrate every gift no matter the amount. This is a space for the community and every single member of our community and their contribution is valuable and appreciated. 

Gifts of $500.00 to $999.00

Your gift will be honored with a brick around our garden fountain. This will be the centerpiece of the garden. We know that your name around its base will be cherished by all those who visit the fountain.


Any donation of $250.00 dollars to $499.00


Your gift will be honored with a brick on one of the many walkways.  We will be starting at the entry of the building. Donate today to be honored in our front walkway. 


Gifts  of $100.00 to $249.00 


 .Your name will be printed on an unstamped bottle cap and will be featured in a large display in the building on our bottling wall. We want to honor your gift and capture the essence of bottling that took place in this building. 


All gifts of less than 100 dollars 

will be listed in the lobby of the building as a contributor. We are so grateful for each and every dollar that you entrust to this vision, we will list your name so that you can be recognized for your generosity.