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Phase One

Down payment                    $350,000.00
Deadline                                                                              October 1st, 2019

The Owner of the building has agreed to sell us the building for just $850,000.00. We have until October 1st  to make this dream a reality and change North Palafox and Pensacola for the better. Ideally, we would be able to pay cash for this building but at a minimum, we need to raise $350,000.00  This is the only portion of this project that we will need a large cash amount!  Help save this icon Pensacola building and donate now!

Phase Two

Renovation                    $1,500,000.00

Our intention is to bring this building back to its original state and to incorporate new and amazing things. This will include solar panels, office spaces, classroom and community spaces and so much more.  So far we have $150,000 of in-kind services pledged! We are eligible for another 1 million in grants from the state and we have identified over 70 other grants that we are eligible for. We will be applying to all of them and more to meet this goal.

Development                 $1,325,000.00

We plan on creating a space that everyone can enjoy. This will include 20,000 square foot garden, bring on new programs, more resources for community and individual development, and so much more. We also plan on adding a waste-free coffee shop and a package-free bulk store.  Our goal is to have a space that the public can use each and every day.  This porition of our project will be funded through a combination of grants, tenants, and donations. 

Phase Three

Maintenance and           $1,325,000.00

A historic building needs constant maintenance and attention. To make sure that this building is open to Pensacola for the future we are planning on establishing an endowment so that taking care of this local treasure is never a problem.  

Follow along with our day to day progress!