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Within the State of Florida, Escambia County is rated among the lowest in overall health, education, and economic equality. Keep Pensacola Beautiful works to address these quality of life issues every day in our own unique way. By helping to teach individuals to care more for their community and the environment, that feeling of responsibility can carry over into other aspects of life. By removing litter, we improve property values, reduce blight, and keep wildlife safe. By changing the way we think about the waste we generate every day, we work to reduce the flow of trash and improve recycling habits. And lastly, through community beautification efforts, we inspire people to get outside, interact with nature, and improve their mental and physical well-being. Our goal is to inspire our community to Do More. 

Why Here: 


Since the completion of the I-110 Interstate in 1978, the neighborhoods adjacent have been divided by a physical barrier. This separation was furthered with the completion of the 8 lane expansion in 2009. Since then, the area has been underutilized and has little to no community resources.  The corridor of North Palafox Street, where the building sits, has in recent years, been neglected. Within a one mile stretch, there are currently 13 vacant and abandoned buildings. We feel that by offering a space for the community, we will not only fill the need for unification and additional services, but will also create a beautiful and safe community, revitalize this stretch of North Palafox, and promote economic redevelopment.

Why This Building: 

The historic Hygiea Coca-Cola bottling facility has had a variety of owners and has sat vacant for long periods of time. It is time to open this beautiful and significant building to the public and utilize it in a way that can benefit our community. This large facility also gives us a chance to grow to meet the needs of the Escambia County residents. We will be able to expand our litter prevention and recycling education programs, to teach members of the community about healthy lifestyles through a community and learning garden, and offer other hard-working organizations low-cost office space. This building will allow all of this to happen. 

With the development of downtown Pensacola accelerating, we are losing our historic structures at an alarming rate. We know that we cannot save every building but we have the chance to save this building. It is unique to our community and is one of the last industrial buildings from the pre-war era still standing. We have the opportunity to show Escambia County and the world that the reuse of old building is sustainable, that older structures lend themselves to green infrastructure, and that together we can find creative solutions to environmental challenges.



Keep Pensacola Beautiful has served Escambia County for 40 years. Each and every day our staff is out in the community either working to make sure our parks and boat ramps are clean, maintaining a historic cemetery, or engaging with the public and school groups. We see the hurdles that need to be overcome and we are ready to do it.


Why Now: 

Development in Pensacola is accelerating, we have a chance to save a historic building and meet the needs of our community in a unique and purposeful way. Keep Pensacola Beautiful has been a part of this community for 40 years and we are ready to Do More for the people we serve and on a more meaningful level. Keep Pensacola Beautiful believes that the quality of life in Escambia County is dependent on our ability to preserve and enhance our environment. That includes the natural environment, the built environment, and the environment people live in each day.

Why You:

Your support is essential to everything that we do! We can not do this without your support. Make your contribution today to create a lasting impact.