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Have Some Questions?

We Have Answers! 

1. If you don't make your goal, what will happen to the money I donated? 

We are not going to give up until the last possible minute. However, if we do not make our goal and you donated to the "Building Acquisition Fund," we will be contacting you in November so that we can return your money to you.

2. Have you looked into any grants that can assist with this project? 

We have identified over 75 grants that we will be eligible for. Grants work in cycles; you apply, wait to find out if your application was selected, and then wait for the funds to be disbursed. Because we were given just 4 months to secure this building, we are off the grant cycle (most grants take around a year from application to fund disbursement).  We have every intention of applying for lots of grants to help with the renovations and development of this property.  Unfortunately, those grants will not be available in time for us to secure the building by the deadline, so we need your help. 

3. Have you talked to ......? 

We have been in contact with all of the big names in our area. While everyone has been very enthusiastic about the project, not everyone can give; this project does not align with some foundations' giving priorities. If there is someone you think we should be talking to, please send us an email with contact information and we will reach out. 

Yes, we have spoken with Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola United is a supporter of this project and we are excited to build a partnership with them as this project matures. 

4. Have you thought about crowdfunding? 

We have! That's why we are sharing this with you. We decided not to launch a GoFundMe or similar campaign for a few reasons, the main reason being that we want a chance to thank each and every donor personally, and these platforms don't always allow for that.  If you would like to set up a crowdfunding campaign to support this project to share with your friends and family, we are so happy to support it.  We have had several people set up Facebook fundraisers and share our efforts with friends and family.  

5. How far along are you? 

Please go check the progress page to see how far we are and how much more we need!

6. Once you have the building what is your plan? 

Hopefully, this website has all the details that you need to answer that question, but here is a quick overview:

We plan to move the KPB offices in the building, and the extra office space will be used as a nonprofit incubator. We will have a 20,000 square foot community and learning garden as well as an outdoor event space.  We plan on having a coffee shop on the property and, eventually, a bulk food store where you can bring your own container to stock up on dry goods. There are so many programs that we will be able to bring to the community once we are in this space, and each one is designed to bring skills, jobs, and sustainability to Pensacola. 

7. Do you have any tenants for the building? 

We have spoken to several interested companies, organizations, and individuals. They are all interested in becoming tenants in the building.  We are not going to officially sign anything or announce tenants until we have secured the building and can call Keep Pensacola Beautiful the owner.  If you are interested in becoming a tenant, please email us and we can discuss what that relationship might look like.  

8. What do the neighbors think? 

The first people we spoke to about this effort was the people who live in the surrounding neighborhood. They are very supportive and excited about it. 

Have more questions? Please call us at 850-438-1178 or email us at DoMore@KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org